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Word to the World

  • Word to the World Ministries is an outreach organization of author Harold A. Lerch, Sr. P.E.-Ret'd, intended to provide free religious materials to anyone interested.  This website is the instrument to facilitate that mission as well as to make known the books written by Mr. Lerch.   Some of the points of Lerch's writings include: 
  • We have not been given permission to interpret the Bible, and must accept it as written.  There is nothing in the Bible that suggests we get to change the rules.  We are subject to the morality God gave us. 
  • We should accept the view of history described in the Bible as well.   All peoples are descended from the same family.  Therefore, there is no Biblical support for racism.  There is no Biblical justification for the notion of absolving us outside the biblical perspective.   As descendants of one family, every person in the world is a descendant of forefathers who knew God.
  • Everyone who is not worshiping the God of the Bible is descended from someone who turned his or her back on that faith.
  • Jesus fulfilled the messianic prophecies in the Old Testament. Salvation is through Messiah Jesus alone.  Prophecy is completed in the book of Revelation.

Books and tracts are free!

The books and tracts on this site include writings on Biblical creation vs. evolution, Salvation, Testimony, and Christian Living.  All may be downloaded freely for use as intended.

Harold A. Lerch, Sr. P.E.-Ret'd

Mission statement

A chief target of Word to the World is the secular idea of evolution.  Lerch is convinced that God created everything from nothing in six days as the Bible says.  One of the organizations that has greatly influenced his thinking is Answers in Genesis Ministries.  This outstanding resource operates the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, and Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY, (near Cincinnati) that display scientific evidence along with explanations of how that evidence supports the Biblical account of origins.  Mr. Lerch envisioned this ministry and the implications that "God made us, God owns us" as his first calling.  (Christianbook, creation and evolution, faith and religion)