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Did God Really Say That?

Satan's actual words (as recorded in Genesis 3:1) were "Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not…?"  Our enemy, Satan, "more subtle than any beast of the field" is a clever deceiver!  God's Word has not changed from the beginning. Satan continues his deceptions.  His great tool of our age is the lie of evolution.  This book challenges that lie, and explains to readers that the foundations of the Christian faith, beginning with the creation, still stand.

God's People, God's Plan

When Satan deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, all of God's creation came under the judgment of death.  Almighty God came up with a plan for His creation to defeat death.  The God of Abraham, the Creator God, chose His People, those whom He loved because they loved and honored Him (usually), and made a covenant (promise) with them.  That promise was two-fold: to defeat sin and death by way of a Redeemer, and; to defeat their enemies, by way of a Conqueror-Messiah.  Should we believe the Bible is true?  Doesn't science disprove the Bible?  Wasn't the talk of a Messiah false hope?  The author effectively explains why scientific evidence supports Biblical creation.  We can trust the Bible!  The Biblical Messianic prophecies are accurate- God has made a plan for redemption and for conquering the enemies of Israel!

Pueblo de Dios, Plan de Dios

¿Por qué debemos creer que la Biblia es verdadera?

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right, but Three Lefts Do!

Categorized commentary on wisdom from the Bible: David, Solomon, Jesus, and others.

Sabiduría Bíblica

La Sabiduría de Jesús, Salomón y Otros

Sabiduria Biblica (pdf)


Creation, the Present, and Eternity

This condensed book supports that the Bible is God's Word and gives an account of real, historical events.  The book discusses Special Creation as the true origin of all matter and life.

La Creacion, el Presente, y la Eternidad

La palabra de Dios es verdadera desde el principio, es ahora, y siempre lo será.

La Creacion el Presente, y Eternidad (pdf)