History of the Lerches in the US (free download link below)

The Lerch family came from Germany and landed in Philadelphia in 1738.

Growing nation

Lerches fought in the Revolutionary War.  Their descendants fought in every US war thereafter.

Lerch Reunion

Lerches met in Allentown, Pa., nearly every year in the early 20th century.

Famous Lerches

Randy Lerch, devout Christian and MLB player for the Phillies, Expos, Brewers, & Giants.

Amish History (free download link below)

Amish History

A brief introduction to the history of the Amish people.

Plain People

Why the Amish shun technology.

Religious Freedom

Why the Amish came to the New World.

Amish Sects

Is there just one group of Amish?  Are there sects?  Who are the Mennonites?

A Brief History of the Amish

Steinberger Ancestry (free download at link below)

Ancestors of Jacob Steinberger

Born 1790 Edinburgh Scotland

Died 1879 Pennsylvania USA

Compiled by descendants

Many descendants were Brethren  ministers

Did you know that Brethren were once called "Dunkards?

Steinberger: From Scotland to Pennsylvania