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Good news, suffering, and salvation


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Salvation, witnessing, pets, creation


Parents, faith, cops, and science


Life, living, and a door to heaven


Heaven, racism, and abortion

Free Gospel Tracts: Prove God!

Sir John Templeton donates his fortune to prove God.  The proof is here.  Why don't we see it? 

The Breath of Life

Man cannot duplicate what God created, that essence called the "breath of life." 

Daddy, Who Made Me?

  • How do you answer children when they ask about evolution, the Bible, and TV shows such as "Walking with Dinosaurs?"
  • Como respondes a tus hijos cuando preguntan sobre la evolucion?

Heaven's Secret Handshake

Secret handshakes can open the doors at certain exclusive organizations.  Is there a "secret handshake" to get you into heaven?

Good Enough for Heaven?

Do you think you are good enough to get into heaven?  What is the formula?

The Door

How do we enter the doorway to Heaven?

Thor: He patiently waits to hear his master's voice

For those grieving over the loss of a pet.  (God made them for our enjoyment.)

The greatest gifts of all time

A man's life is the greatest gift he can give to his fellow citizens.  There is one greater gift of which no man is worthy.


What does the Bible say about cops?  A cop would die for you- who else already did?

Blind Faith?

Do we really take God by "blind faith?"

A Heathen's Fate

Is it fair for peoples of cultures who do not know God to suffer eternal damnation?

Dad's New Body

The author's father fought cancer three times.  He found victory with his new body.

My parents were complete failures!

The author ascribes his salvation to the testimony of his parents, and tired of his mother's claims, "I was a failure."

Who Me, Witness?

Many Christians excuse themselves from witnessing due to "no talent."  You can do far more than you imagine!   These Gospel tracts help explain Salvation and Christian living.

Saved from what? (Salvado de que?)

  • Why do we need "salvation?"   Salvation from what?
  • Por que necesitamos la salvacion?   Salvacion de lo que?

Dear God, why won't you heal me?

The author recounts his battle with chronic migraine, his acceptance of God's answers to prayers for healing, and the strength found in God's grace.

Precious in His Sight. (Preciosis en Su vista.)

  1. God created man in his image.  OneGod made us one race.
  2. Dios nos hizo a Su imagen.  El nos hizo a todos una sola sangre.

Chief of Sinners

The author claims to be a worse sinner than the famed "chief of sinners," the Apostle Paul.

Abortion, or not?

How are abortions performed, and why are they wrong?